Year 4

During the Spring term we will focus on the Cwricwlwm Cymreig and the Expressive Arts following the theme ‘Hey Mr Urdd.’ The children will have the opportunity to learn about Santes Dwynwen and develop their creative skills when designing a digital card. We will draw the pupils’ attention to Welsh authors, idioms and bands on a weekly basis and celebrate Welsh Music Day. We look forward to competing in our school Eisteddfod. The pupils will work on the Urdd’s design and technology project in order to design and create a decorative washcloth using a printing technique. The inspiration for the project will be the theme ‘habitat.’ In our science lessons we will study ‘Light’ and challenge the pupils by completing a scientific investigation. In our language lessons we will write a story, recount, a personal letter and a newspaper article. In our maths lessons we will focus on addition and subtraction, compass work, shape and measurement.

We kindly ask you to read with your child every night, and discuss the contents of the book. 

Here are links to the HWB and Sumdog website. Every child has received their password to access these websites at home.