Year 1

Our inspiration this term is our habitat, with activities relating to the Eisteddfod and St David’s Day helping us to understand what it is to be Welsh. We intend to learn pieces to recite and sing in both the school Eisteddfod and Eisteddfod yr Urdd. We will continue with ‘trick a chlic’ activities as well as developing our factually and instructional writing. The role play will be based on our Eisteddfod and ‘Caffi Mr Urdd.’ We will be learning about Shabbat and the importance of the day for the Jewish community. We will place eggs in the incubator and will be observing their development, hoping for chicks just before Easter.

The maths will be concentrating on number, number value, money, fractions and data. We will use these skills in problem solving. Our art lessons will include drawing pictures of our habitat and transferring the drawing using the technique of silk printing. We will be going on our termly trip to Llansteffan beach and to see the Rembrandt on display in Abergwili museum.

These are the apps Tric a Chlic and Scratch Junior that we use in school that you can download for free to use at home.

Here is the link to HWB. Every child will recieve their username and password to take home. We use Just2Easy to teach coding, creating pictures, animation, creating graphs etc.