School Rules

It is the intention of the Head teacher and teachers to create a happy and friendly school for the pupils.

Therefore every child is expected to conduct himself/herself in a thoughtful and courteous manner in school, and they are also expected to show respect towards:-

  1. school staff
  2. fellow pupils
  3. school buildings and school equipment

 Rules have been drawn up to ensure the safety of the pupils. By following these rules it is hoped that accidents and unpleasant incidences can be avoided.


  • Listen to all members of staff.
  • Keep hands and feet to themselves.
  • Leave other children’s possessions alone.
  • Tell the truth at all times.
  • Be kind and thoughtful towards others.


To support the above school rules children are expected to

  • walk and refrain from running within the school building 
  • not to bring valuable items e.g. expensive toys, jewellery, rings to school
  • keep the school clean and place rubbish in the bins provided.
  • respect the playing fields and land surrounding the school.
  • bring appropriate books/equipment to school.

The children are expected to show responsible behaviour in school and respect all members of staff, fellow pupils and all equipment.

When children follow the school rules rewards are given.

  • Verbal praise.
  • A praise sticker for good behaviour.
  • A star for the good behaviour chart in the classroom.
  • Congratulations sticker from the headmaster.

A disregard for the school rules for misbehaviour will result in the following consequences:-

 Verbal warning

  • Lose 2 minutes of playtime
  • Lose 5 minutes of playtime
  • Sent to headmaster
  • Headmaster consulting with the parents.

 Serious or repeated disciplinary problems will be referred to the head teacher and in certain circumstances parents will be asked to visit the school.

The school maintains the right to exclude a pupil for short or long periods of time for activities which are a danger to other people or for being persistently disruptive to school life.

In such cases the Chair of the Governing Body and the Education Authority will be informed.

Parents have the right to appeal.


The decision of the School Governors is that ear-rings are only permitted in the form of a single stud ear-ring per ear.

Children should not wear looped style ear-rings and only one ear-ring per ear is permitted.

This decision was made with the safety of your children in mind. Ear-rings are not permitted in Physical Education lessons or games.


It is the responsibility of parents to decide if a child brings a bike to school.

Without adult supervision some children can find themselves in a dangerous situation on the main road.  We emphasize that the school is not responsible for the safety of children outside the school gates.

Year 6 pupils receive Cycling Proficiency Training and are awarded a certificate (Safety on the Bike) by the County Highways Department.